About Us

Who are we?

Our restaurant is an authentic Chinese restaurant serving a diverse selection of Cantonese dishes. We are also well-known for our assorted and tasty dim sum dishes.

The restaurant was established in 1990s and has since been opened to the public. In view of the fact that we are located in the heart of London, it makes our restaurant highly accessible and easy to locate.

The name ‘Joy King Lau’ is written as 醉 瓊 樓 in Chinese and the purpose of this name was to symbolize a place where people can get together to eat and drink.

Why choose us?

Times Online has voted our restaurant as one of UK's Top 20 Chinese Restaurants. We believe the standard of our food is of good and high quality and reasonably priced. You may expect a dim sum meal to cost around £20 for two people.

We welcome all people, whether you are having a regular family gathering, a party or just a social meeting. Occasionally, we cater for tour groups from around the world and not to mention the Chinese celebrities who sometimes pop in for a meal.


What to expect?

Our three storey restaurant has recently been renovated to provide a cosier and more relaxing atmosphere for your customers.

If you plan to visit during the Dim Sum serving times that lasts until 5pm, make sure you try our wide variety of Dim Sums. Whether you want to try something simpler, like har gau and siew mai or the more adventurous dishes such as tripe and duck’s feet, you’ll bound to find something right for you. Tables during this period tend to be quickly taken up, so beat the queues by booking your table in advance. Although, queuing times are not normally long as our waiters and waitresses are reasonably speedy and subtle.

Our dinner service provides a difference experience to our customers. Since, our menu is so authentic some say you may need to bring a Chinese speaker with you to get the most out of your experience with us. However, our waiters and waitresses are more than welcome to introduce you to other dishes if required. Make sure you try out some of our desserts too!

We hope to see you in our restaurant soon.